Coaching Services

We assist all levels of leaders in mastering their mindset and cultivating the soft skills necessary to attain a new sense of clarity, balance, confidence, and purpose. 

Utilizing the established techniques of ontological coaching, the mental fitness tools of Positive Intelligence, and our on the ground leadership experience, we integrate these with personalized collaboration to craft a potent coaching experience. 

Private 1 on 1 Coaching 

for Individuals

Our signature engagement for direct, private coaching for individuals:

  • Duration: Six months
  • Session Frequency: Initially weekly, then unlimited or “as needed”
  • Support: Unlimited email and text support included
  • Fee: $3,000 (Installment plans available) 
Open to customizing the coaching structure to accommodate diverse client preferences and needs.

"Leader As Coach" - Group Coaching

The “Leader as Coach” program equips leaders with powerful coaching skills through a dynamic group format (not team coaching). Over five 90-minute sessions spread across 10 weeks, you’ll master coaching principles, build trust with your team, ask impactful questions, and develop deep listening techniques. This translates to enhanced leadership, a more motivated team, and empowered employees who take ownership and drive results.

Group Coaching involves coaching multiple individuals simultaneously, each with their own goals, while team coaching focuses on improving the performance of a specific team. Group coaching offers benefits such as cost-effectiveness, diversity of perspectives, accountability, skill development, and efficiency.

Please reach out to us directly to discuss pricing, scheduling, and customization options.


Leaders who take on the coaching ways, methods and distinctions become highly effective and inspiring leaders!

Leader as Coach Curriculum Overview:

The curriculum’s deliberate sequence strategically builds from foundational elements to core coaching skills, fostering a smooth learning path for leaders.

Session 01: Group Norms and Intros

Co-creating group norms fosters trust, open communications, and a supportive environment for learning. This empowers adult learners to leverage diverse perspectives and take ownership of their growth.

Session 02: The Coaching Mindset

Introduces the coaching mindset, emphasizing presence, centeredness, and open dialogue.

Session 03: Trust and Psychological Safety

Delves into trust and psychological safety in the office, examining their influence on relationships and overall performance.

Session 04: Effective Questioning

Focuses on effective questioning and curiosity, highlighting their role in fostering learning and growth.

Session 05: Deep Listening

Explores deep listening, emphasizing its importance in effective listening and relationship-building.