Coaching Services

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One-on-One Coaching (Private Individuals)

Private individuals independently fund their coaching for a personalized and confidential coaching experience. Private engagements, are free from employer or coaching platform influence, and adds an extra layer of confidentiality and personal ownership. 

Standard Offering:

  • Six-month coaching engagement.
  • Unlimited sessions! Initially starting weekly, and then transitioning to bi-monthly, complemented by ad hoc sessions as needed.
  • Unlimited email and text support are included.
  • $3,000 upfront, with the option to discuss installment plans. Payments made are non-refundable.
I offer flexibility in arrangements to cater to various preferences and needs.

Group Coaching “Leader as Coach” (Institutional Client)

This offering facilitates leaders in adopting coaching skills and methodologies in a group setting. The focus is on individual development within the group, randomly selected from various departments and organizational levels.

This is not Team Coaching. Group coaching emphasizes individual growth over team collaboration toward a common goal. Participants emerge with a centered mindset, fostering effective collaboration beyond hierarchical structures.

“Leader as Coach” Group Coaching Program:

  • Format: Five group sessions, course includes pre and post-work
  • Individual Session: Each leader receives a dedicated 1-on-1 session
  • Cost: TBD Depends on factors to be determined through further discussion
  • Terms, Payments, and Conditions: To be determined through further discussion
  • Note: Payments are non-refundable

Course Outline

00 Intros and Group Norms: In this initial session, we establish the foundation for trust, psychological safety, and effective communication within the group. Through intros and creating a collaborative environment, we set the stage for transformative conversations, group norms, and collective growth.

01 Coaching Mindset: Explore foundational coaching principles, cultivating a mindset that embraces self-awareness, a learner’s perspective, and the shift from directing to facilitating. Develop unshakable presence, centeredness, empathy, and deliberation while avoiding judgment.

02 Trust and Psychological Safety: Establish a foundation by delving into trust and psychological safety within groups. Understand the significance of creating an environment where team members feel secure to express themselves, emphasizing the reciprocity of giving and earning trust.

03 Effective Questioning and Curiosity: Dive into the art of asking thought-provoking questions that stimulate critical thinking, encourage self-discovery, and guide transformative conversations. Focus on understanding the person rather than the problem, promoting a learning-oriented approach.

04 Deep Listening: Develop advanced communication skills to create meaningful connections, promote active listening, and foster open dialogue within teams. Emphasize coaching the person, not the problem, recognizing that the listener contributes energy to the interaction.

Pre- and post-work tailored to group needs will complement each session, ensuring a customized and impactful coaching experience.