Tony was an incredible coach that I would highly recommend! We had enlightening conversations about work, life, wealth, goals, delegation, consciousness, the universe and more. He listened and asked thoughtful questions that made me think about why or how I did things. Then he allowed me space to talk through these subjects and come to a clearer understanding and/or perspective. His strong business background and international experience living and working abroad, gave him credibility and an informed perspective when we would talk about my job at a global company. After every session I felt energized and more prepared to face my career and life challenges!
Senior Lead Internal Controls, Global Manufacturing Company
Learning from others with wisdom and insights could change your perspective on many things you struggle with. Tony is one of those people at the top. He helped me better understand myself with PQ evaluation and analysis, and I'm much more discerning now when dealing with negativity from anywhere. On communication, his words that being concise gives other people grace are earth-shattering. Tony is kind, personable, authentic, and full of wisdom. He is the type of friend you always want to have a drink, take a walk, and be around. Keep in touch! I will deeply miss the journey!
Technical Program Manager, Fintech Company
My coaching experience with Tony was my first ever with any kind of life or professional coach and it was unique as I am a recent university graduate at the very beginning stages of my professional career and was seeking guidance and advice that surely differs from many of Tony's other clients. For that reason, his ability to make adjustments when it came to his role in our engagement was immediately clear and valuable. He is very open minded, talking through techniques and strategies that we could explore as to get the most out of our time together and how those methods could be adjusted from week to week. Similarly, his flexibility and balanced approach was really valuable to me, being able to work on tangible work and life challenges using his expertise one day as well as being able to have a vulnerable and honest conversation about mental health related challenges that didn't have a 'solution' if thats what was needed. All of this is built on the especially important foundation that Tony is kind and personable. He made me feel comfortable and made me feel like I had another person in my corner who wanted the best for me. I would recommend Tony to anyone regardless of age for professional and personal development.
Environmental and Equity Advocate and Career Seeker
"Tony was instrumental in helping me to transform my leadership style. He helped me to become more authentic, more present, and more effective in communicating with people. As a result, I've been able to build stronger relationships with my team members, and we've been able to achieve excellent results."
Vice President, Institutional Sales
"My coaching experience with Tony was one of the best experiences of my professional career. Tony was simultaneously personable with his approach to getting to know me and very professional with his techniques, methods, and strategies when addressing any of the issues discussed. Tony gave me tangible techniques to highlight my strengths, focus my attention and continuously build on my weaknesses. Tony was also extremely balanced in his feedback by candidly letting me know when I needed to be inwardly and outwardly focused. After my experience with Tony, my professional and personal outlooks, values, and productivity have improved significantly and that has resulted in very positive outcomes. I would recommend working with Tony for any coaching endeavors."
Investment Professional
"From the first minute of our first conversation, Tony built a rapport with me and was able to see through to the core of my person. His humanistic approach, coupled with business insights proved to be highly beneficial. The techniques he demonstrated around presence, centering and mindfulness have worked wonders and increased focus, productivity and my connection to team members hugely. Professionally and personally, my engagement with Tony has been nothing more than fantastic."
Customer Service Manager
"Tony is a great listener and our conversations were very free-flowing. I wanted to work on my communication skills and to build a more confident mindset. Tony showed me very practical steps for being present and communicating confidently. I have already noticed that my awareness level has skyrocketed; I feel like I am 'in the zone' almost 100% of the time and able to communicate with C-level executives and direct reports much more easily and confidently. I am giving more undivided attention to my daily tasks and am appreciative of each of life's encounters. Tony will help to you be self-aware, a better listener, and a more productive and appreciative human being."
Data Analyst
"Within minutes of our first meeting, Tony gained my confidence by making several astute observations that resonated deeply with me. The subsequent sessions continued with this level of insight. Tony brought the benefit of his humanity and his real-life experience in business and the military. This powerful combination is a definite differentiating factor. Tony created an environment where the discussion was insightful, challenging, and supportive. By enabling this space, he allowed me to clarify my thinking and reflect positively on my life. Consequently, following the engagement, I am a more productive, self-aware, and happy human being."
Chief Technology Officer
"Tony has a special vibe, and has a special way as he relates with you, which helped me think through and very clearly about the reasons where I get stuck. He asks the right questions at the right moment, and makes me think of the actual words I use when I express myself about my feelings, emotions and concerns. It’s very interesting to realize, when you think about it, the ability Tony has to guide you through your own conclusions. He doesn’t judge, he doesn’t tell you what you should do. Tony has successfully helped me overcome my own limiting psychological barriers. I cannot recommend him enough."
Entrepreneur and Language Professor
"My coaching with Tony helped me to understand my role and empowered me to take control of my professional life. His reflective process helped me see my value amongst the organization (to which I was relatively new). I was able to see and overcome some of the self-imposed road blocks to my own success. Tony’s warm approach felt friendly and casual, but he was listening carefully to transform (sometimes) seemingly mundane details with meaningful insights. My sessions happened to overlap some important projects — and subsequent positive and negative feedback. Having a resource to discuss and strategize with was very valuable."
Senior Qualitative Market Analyst
"Tony has been a pleasure to work with. He has given me the tools and insights into finding my focus. He has been extremely helpful and very professional. His approach has helped me immensely to finesse my career path and do what I need for my business. I would recommend sessions with Tony for anyone who needs to find direction again."
Entrepreneur / Small Business Owner and Operator
"In the first conversation with Tony, I was challenged with the awareness and importance of words and their power. Tony led me through a journey of owning my power, leading with confidence, all while creating and maintain a compassionate space. Though my industry (Live Events) is in turmoil, Tony helped prep me to lead head strong as I navigate things to come in the ever-changing world. I am grateful for our time together, and with confidence can say he has impacted me for a lifetime. Thanks, Tony!"
Producer / Production Manager
"Working with Tony was a fantastic experience. He has helped bring me a level of awareness that will most assuredly enhance my trajectory as a leader and individual. His observations, wisdom and guidance were incredibly helpful and I'm thankful for the opportunity to have worked with him. Thank you, Tony!"
Senior Manager / Large Tech Company